Frequently asked questions

Not normally - but you might need planning permission if you live in a conservation area or have a listed building. It’s worth checking with your local planning department.

It is your responsibility to obtain the correct Planning Permission. Our advice is being totally open with the planning authorities before any work has started. Gaining retrospective permission after the event is costly and not always successful.

There are many factors to consider when finding the right solution meeting your exact needs. When we visit you on-site to discuss your requirements and priorities, we will look at Security, Convenience of use, Aesthetics, Privacy, Type of automation and Access to property. Once we know your requirements, we will be in a position to advise you on the best gate solution.

New Systems installed by AW Autogates will have a 2-year guarantee and parts warranty subject to systems being serviced annually.

NB: Batteries are not covered under warranty, nor does our warranty cover existing automation/gates/posts/piers or associated items installed by other companies.

All automation kits we supply include an emergency manual override feature that operates on both sides of the gate or just the inside. We will specify the one that best suits your specific needs on the site visit.

We often install automation kits to existing gates providing they meet the requirements. On a site visit, we shall inspect the following element to ascertain suitability:

  • Condition of gates, posts or piers
  • Type of construction
  • Material
  • Adequate working clearances between gate leafs
  • Suitable hinges and mounting brackets
  • Excessive drive way slopes
  • Distance away from the highway

We need to ascertain if the existing post/piers are strong enough to withstand the continual forces applied by the proposed operators and any ‘potential wind loading’ which may adversely affect the gates, piers and posts. Should they not be strong enough, we recommend either rebuilding stone or brick piers with suitable steel reinforcement or installing new steel or timber posts either between or behind an existing pier.

NB: Timber posts are subject to twisting, splitting and warping - our best advice is to specify steel posts – if aesthetics is critical, we can over clad the steel posts with matching timber board.

Within our installation, we can include ground works such as post hole foundations, lifting/re-laying blockwork and ducting between piers. However, where new construction work is required for example building of piers, driveway laying, extensive ground works and new power supply – we can recommend a number of builders we have worked with on previous installations.

If you have the details handy we can normally give you a rough estimate via email or by phone. Our site visit to survey the work will provide a more realistic quotation. A formal quotation will take no longer than a week.

Typical delivery/installation lead-times from order placement are:

  • Automation/Access Control - 'supply only '– 24 to 48 hours
  • Existing Gates/Suitable Power already in place – 1 to 5 working days
  • Gate Express - 21 days approximately
  • New Steel/Timber Gate Systems - 4 to 6 working weeks
  • Aluminium Gate Systems - 6 to 8 working weeks

  • For domestic and residential use:
    Single Phase, 240 volts, 13 amps, RCD protected circuit

  • For industrial and commercial use:
    Single or Three Phase.

Note: Your electrician must be Part P certified and will specify the correct cable rating. All power supplies will need to conform to the latest IEE regulations.

Certainly, we are completely flexible and will scope/price the work according to who does what. Customers often undertake preparation work etc. within their skill capacity. We can discuss the project requirement in detail during the site survey and come to an agreement.

Normally, remote-control handsets work from 20 to 30 metres away and use a radio wave frequency – so the actual range will depend on various local environmental factors which include:

  • Stone walls
  • Heated car windscreens
  • Weather conditions
  • Low Battery

Your site visit will help determine this, but when choosing, think about who needs to access the gates. Essentially there are Primary, Secondary and Other or Unexpected Users.

Primary Users – You, your family, close friends and relatives

  • Remote control - using key fobs and larger hand-held devices which can be activated from inside a vehicle and on-foot.
  • Codepad – this can be located outside the gates and operated with a secure pin code

Secondary Users – Close neighbours, Postman, bin collection, arranged deliveries

  • Timed opening – gates can be programmed to open on a ‘timed’ basis for example during the day. The gates will close automatically according to time programmed into the system.
  • Intercom – an intercom will allow you to identify a person’s voice before deciding whether or not to let them in. An intercom can also be used with a code-pad, working on the basis of recognising the voice and giving them the pin-code – which can be changed easily from time to time for security.
  • Smartphone App – the app will allow you to control the gates from your phone so you can let users in remotely on request or during the periods they are due to arrive.

Other or Unexpected Users or Unexpected visitors (wanted or unwanted)

  • Any of the above methods - should you wish to allow access.

You can use your remote-control to open the gates or the house intercom to activate the gates, fit an exit push button, fit an exit code pad or install an induction ground loop set for ‘auto exit’.

Not a great deal can go wrong with automatic gates providing you follow the instructions and have the system regularly serviced and maintained.

We can offer you a service plan based on the type of system you have and the frequency of use. We can also offer a service and maintenance contract or simply send you an annual service reminder letter. It is your responsibility to ensure the system is kept in a good and safe working order.

NB: We also automate existing gates, repair and replace metal gates, install entry phone systems, keypad code entrance systems and video and phone entry systems to new or existing gates. Please also see our frequently asked questions about the different types of automated gates we supply and install.

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AW Autogates are Trading Standards Approved and hold Accreditation with Checkatrade

AW Autogates are Trading Standards Approved, hold Accreditation with and fully certified by Gate Safe