Tracked or Cantilevered Gates - what's best?

Sliding gates are ideal when you wish to maximize space or have a slope from the driveway entrance. Depending on your entrance requirements, sliding gates come as a single gate or a pair of gates. There is also a choice of gates, a sliding tracked gate or a cantilevered gate – depending whichever type best suits your entrance requirements. Our surveyor’s site visit will ensure you receive the very best advice in terms of style, mechanism and security options. You may also wish to view our automated gate system prices and frequently asked questions to help you decide.

Tracked Automated Gates

Tracked Automated GatesWe design and install tracked sliding gates to suit individual requirements. Unlike cantilever gates, tracked gates do require a ground track to be installed across the entrance and run back area. The gate leaf itself will be fitted with wheels that slide within the ground track and a Y shaped base that drives the system would be set into a concrete foundation within the road surface.

Ideally the tracked gate system requires a solid road base such as paved, concreted or tarmacked. We would also advise against a tracked sliding gate in situations where there is a loose roadway finish, such as a gravel driveway, as gravel/debris can fall into the ground track and stop the gate from moving correctly..

Benefits of Tracked Gates

– Added Convenience
– Child and pet safety
– Improved Curb Appeal
– Increased Property Value
– Privacy from Cold Callers
– Reputation
– Security
– Space saver

Cantilevered Automated Gates

Cantilevered Automatic GatesCantilever gates are suitable for commercial and residential use. For security, traffic control or where road surfaces are uneven, cantilever sliding gates are ideal. Unlike tracked sliding gates, they leave the driveway below undisturbed.

Approximately 1/3 longer than a tracked slider gate, the extra length acts as a counterbalance allowing the gate to slide back and forth. This opening/closing mechanism operates by the roller wheels.


– Quick and easy on-site installation
– Ideal for uneven road surfaces (slopes etc.)
– No groundwork or track required between gate opening
– Quieter than traditional track and wheel systems
– Less Maintenance
– Reputation

We also repair and replace automated sliding gates, install automation to existing gates - alongside adding entry phone systems, keypad code entrance systems, video and phone entry systems.

Please also see our frequently asked questions about the different types of automated gates we supply and install.

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AW Autogates are Trading Standards Approved and hold Accreditation with Checkatrade

AW Autogates are Trading Standards Approved, hold Accreditation with and fully certified by Gate Safe