Wood or Metal Automated Gates - what's best?

Constructed from wood or metal, the automated swing gates you choose will be designed to fit in with your property requirements. Our surveyor’s site visit will ensure you receive the very best advice in terms of style, mechanism and security options. You may also wish to view our automated gate system prices and frequently asked questions to help you decide.

Swing Gate Operators:

Tracked Automated Gates
There are three types of motor systems to operate the swing gate automation:

1: Swing Gate Motor – Above Ground Ram
Ideal for large or heavy gates measuring up to 7 meters in width. It is easy to install, as no digging is needed and attached directly to the gate posts. It works by pivoting to pull the gate open and push it closed.

2: Swing Gate Motor – Above Ground Articulated Arm
Ideal when other operators are not suitable. The system uses a hinged arm to reach around the pillar and open the gate. It can be used for gates up to 4000mm in length

3: Swing Gate Motor – Underground Gate Operators
This discreet system is very popular as it does not affect the aesthetics the gate. As described, the underground gate operator system can be used for gates (single leaf) measuring up to 3500mm in length. They can be installed in pairs or a single swinging gate, in wood or metal and powered by an electro-mechanical system or hydraulic system.

Typically, a swing gate system includes:

- A pair of swing gates, each with a gate operator that opens and closes the gates
- A remote control so you can operate the system from your vehicle
- A control panel with which to control access to the premises
- An intercom or numeric keypad, which can be used either for access control or entry without a remote control
- A pair of photoelectric sensor cells which have the ability to detect people or vehicles obstructing the gate. Once detected, theses sensors halt the gate movement so that accidents or damage to vehicles are prevented.


– Quick and easy on-site installation
– Ideal for loose road surfaces (gravel drives etc.)
– No groundwork or track required between gate opening
– Quieter than traditional track and wheel systems
– Less Maintenance
– Enhanced security and reputation

We also repair and replace metal gates and railings, install entry phone systems, keypad code entrance systems and video and phone entry systems to existing gates. Please also see our frequently asked questions about the different types of automated gates we supply and install.

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AW Autogates are Trading Standards Approved and hold Accreditation with Checkatrade

AW Autogates are Trading Standards Approved, hold Accreditation with Checkatrade.com and fully certified by Gate Safe